I’ve lived outside of Winston-Salem for my entire life and it has really turned into a great foodie destination. There is such a variety of downtown Winston-Salem restaurants from Mediterranean to Tex-Mex to Italian.

If you’re traveling to Winston-Salem soon then I hope this list will be helpful for planning out your meals while you’re in town.

I’ve only included restaurants downtown (or very close) so this doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the restaurants in town!

One of my favorite things to do in Winston-Salem is to eat downtown or work at one of the local coffee shops.

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16 Top Downtown Winston-Salem Restaurants

1. Bernardin’s

If you didn’t know it was there, you might pass right by Bernardin’s without even realizing. Located in an old brick home, they have a gorgeous outdoor seating area built next to a fountain waterfall.

They enclose the patio seating in the winter so it can still be utilized but seating inside the house is very cozy. This is the perfect place for a family outing, celebration, or an anniversary. We’ve been to celebrate a couple of events now.

I’ve tried their filet and five cheese ravioli and was very happy with both choices. The menu changes often though so there’s always something new to try.

You’ll spend anywhere from $20 to $45 per entree here but anything you try on the menu will be well worth it.

Don’t skip dessert – their Cinnamon Bread Pudding is to die for. My dad also loves their Chocolate Mousse Cake but be warned, it is very rich!

Address: 901 W Fourth Street | Website: Bernardin’s

2. Meridian Restaurant

The Meridian Restaurant opened in 2007 and has since become a very popular restaurant in downtown Winston-Salem. The majority of menu items are Mediterranean-inspired and include dishes like homemade pasta and delicious meats. The restaurant also offers catering and private chef services.

The pricing at the restaurant is similar to the others, with most dishes costing $25 to $40. The restaurant atmosphere is very classy but it isn’t stuffy. It’s the perfect place to go for a date night in Winston-Salem or to celebrate a graduation or milestone birthday.

Address: 411 South Marshall Street | Website: Meridian Restaurant

3. 6th & Vine

This funky wine bar is a popular spot downtown for brunch, lunch, or dinner. I actually ate here for my 21st birthday.

They have a huge outdoor patio that’s pretty cool and very neat at night with the string lights. They have great drinks and lots of shareable plates so it’s the perfect place to meet up with friends after work or on the weekends.

The shrimp & grits is a fan favorite but they also have great salads and sandwiches. Their wine list is fantastic as that’s what they’re known for and on Thursdays, glasses are half off.

Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays and that’s really something you don’t want to miss. Shareables and sandwiches are between $14 – $20 and entreés are about $25 – $32.

Address: 209 W 6th Street | Website: 6th & Vine

4. The Katharine Brasserie & Bar

The Katharine Brasserie & Bar is an upscale restaurant serving up a menu that combines French and southern delicacies, making for an incredibly unique place to eat. It’s located in the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel and the building was actually the architectural inspiration for the Empire State Building.

The restaurant works to create an intimate experience for both tourists and locals visiting Winston-Salem and was named after the wife of the man who founded the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

Pricing at The Katharine Brasserie & Bar again falls in with other fine dining spots at $25 to $40 depending on the dish. The inside of the restaurant is very modern, with unique lighting and historical elements throughout.

Address: 401 N Main Street | Website: The Katherine

5. Jeffrey Adams on Fourth

This is my sister’s absolute favorite downtown Winston-Salem restaurant – I literally have to force her to go different places sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeffrey Adams too but I like trying other places every once in a while. The inside of the restaurant is elegant but not too fancy and they have some options for outdoor seating.

The price point is mid-range, with most meals on the menu costing between $15 to $25. Of course, they offer fine wines as well, which can cost up to $100 or more, depending on the bottle.

Their salmon is amazing (my sister’s favorite) and you can’t go wrong with one of their steaks. Shown above is their seafood risotto. It’s not something I would typically get but I was very pleasantly surprised.

When I worked downtown one summer, this was my favorite spot to eat lunch when I wanted to treat myself.

Address: 321 W Fourth Street | Website: Jeffrey Adams on Fourth

6. Foothills Brewing

Yes, this is a brewery in Winston-Salem but they are also a full-service restaurant and a really good one at that.

If you want a good beer and creative food then head to Foothills. The taproom is really cozy with an industrial style but with lots of wooden features.

Their smoked wings are great, the burgers are awesome, and the Ranchhouse Chicken Sandwich is mind-blowing. The Elote Pasta is also amazing but it was a little too spicy for me – I really started feeling it after I had eaten about half of the plate.

Prices for sandwiches and entreés can range from around $15 – $25 so it’s a pretty reasonable restaurant in downtown Winston-Salem.

Address: 638 West Fourth Street | Website: Foothills Brewpub

7. The Old Fourth Street Filling Station

This trendy spot is by far one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Winston-Salem. It’s located in the West End and is super popular for lunch during the week and on weekends. I’ve actually never been for dinner but I hear great things.

I absolutely love their outdoor patio. There is a brick wall around it so it feels private and they have umbrellas to provide shade. Part of the patio is fully covered as well.

Prices are reasonable, with most items on the menu costing between $15 and $25. Most of the entrees are American favorites, including pasta, seafood, and burgers. As you can see by the photos, I love their sandwiches.

Oh and they have the absolute best sweet potato fries around.

This is the perfect spot if you’re spending a day shopping or sightseeing in downtown Winston.

Address: 871 W Fourth Street | Website: Old Fourth Street Filling Station

8. Sweet Potatoes

The best place for delicious Southern food is Sweet Potatoes. This restaurant was founded in 2013 by two women who have won countless awards since opening.

Vivian Joiner, one of the co-founders, has a hospitality background, while the other co-founder, Stephanie Tyson, is known for being a creative chef. Together, they are an unstoppable duo.

The menu is budget-friendly, as most entrees cost around $15. This is one of the most affordable places to eat in downtown Winston-Salem, but the food is spectacular. The casual restaurant serves everything from chicken and waffles to fried okra.

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here and you better order dessert. Order whatever dessert they have that’s made from sweet potatoes. Thank me later.

We ate here for my mom’s birthday a few years ago and still talk about it. In my opinion, it’s by far one of the best places to eat in downtown Winston-Salem.

Address: 607 Trade Street NW | Website: Sweet Potatoes

9. The Porch Kitchen & Cantina

The Porch Kitchen and Cantina is one of the best spots for Tex-Mex in Winston. The menu consists of everything from delicious fajitas to mouth-watering sliders. Most entrees on the menu cost around $15.

In addition to offering fresh food, The Porch Kitchen & Cantina also has grab n’ go meals if you’re in more of a rush.

This can be helpful if you don’t want to cook dinner one night but still want to have some delicious food. The restaurant’s atmosphere is very fun and laid-back, so it’s a great place to bring the whole family.

They have great cocktails and this is just an all-around fun place to go on a weekend. You can also find their grab n’ go meals at places like Poppyseed Provision and Buies Market.

Address: 840 Mill Works Street | Website: The Porch

10. Cin Cin Burger Bar

Cin Cin Burger Bar is one of the family-friendly restaurants in downtown Winston-Salem that is most well-known for its gourmet burgers. They also serve a wide variety of bowls, salads, and sandwiches on their menu. Pricing is mid-range, so it can be an affordable place to grab some tasty burgers.

The restaurant first opened in 2016 and is owned by a family that owns a few other great restaurants in the area. The inside of the restaurant is laid-back and comfy with booths and cushy chairs.

Address: 1425 W First Street | Website: Cin Cin Burger Bar

11. Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro

Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro is another one of the southern restaurants in downtown Winston-Salem. Their menu includes salads and great entrees like gourmet meatloaf and shrimp and grits.

My personal favorite here is the fried chicken though. It’s served with peach chutney, mac & cheese, and green beans. YUM.

We went for Tyler’s birthday and it was the perfect date night spot. We also tried their caramel peach shortcake and I basically ate the entire thing by myself.

Prices are pretty typical at $15 – $30 and they have indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is right along the sidewalk so perfect for people-watching.

Address: 878 W Fourth Street | Website: Mozelle’s

12. Willow’s Bistro

Willow’s Bistro is a local restaurant that serves New American food. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the decor inside is incredibly unique. The walls are adorned with pieces of art from local artists. They have plenty of seating, both indoor and outdoor so it’s a great spot to enjoy a cocktail in the spring or fall.

The restaurant was opened in 2009 by Will Kingery and Norbert Cooper. The main idea behind the restaurant was to bring food from local farms into every dish. Most items on the menu cost around $15, and there’s also an award-winning wine list that is sure to pair with whatever entree you choose perfectly.

Address: 300 S Liberty Street | Website: Willow’s

13. Cugino Forno Pizzeria

Cugino Forno Pizzeria is one of the best casual restaurants in downtown Winston-Salem. They have tons of indoor and outdoor seating and are located in the Bailey Power Plant right beside Incendiary Brewing. The pizza ingredients are directly from Italy and who doesn’t love Italian pizza?

Most pizzas on the menu cost around $20, but they are meant to be shared. They also sell salads but their specialty is definitely pizza. My go-to is the Supremo Italiano.

You can even find Italian classics like gelato and cannolis to satisfy your sweet tooth after eating your delicious pie.

The pizza here reminds me a little of the pizza from The Black Sheep which was one of my favorite Beaufort, NC restaurants.

Address: 486 N Patterson Avenue | Website: Cugino Forno

14. Mission Pizza Napoletana

Mission Pizza Napoletana is another excellent pizza restaurant in Winston-Salem. They have mid-range prices, and most pizzas cost between $10 and $20. In addition to pizzas, they sell dessert, alcoholic beverages, pasta, and delicious starters like salads and meatballs.

The pizza is wood-fired to pay homage to how pizza was made in Naples, Italy. It was founded in 2014 by Peyton Smith and was the first pizzeria of its kind in Winston-Salem. The restaurant’s inside is rustic yet charming, adding to a lively atmosphere, especially on the weekends.

Address: 707 Trade Street NW | Website: Mission Pizza

15. West End Cafe

If you’re looking for a casual restaurant in downtown Winston-Salem with good prices and amazing food then do yourself a favor and head to West End Cafe. I was absolutely blown away.

First, they have tons of options on the menu from salads to sandwiches to gyros, entreés, and more. Then they have their specials.

I visited in early 2023 while doing research for updating this article and their specials were a Caribbean grilled pork loin sandwich with pineapple salsa and a black & bleu steak wrap. I had to go with the grilled pork loin and it was incredibly flavorful.

I knew I had to get dessert when one of their offerings was a Hot Fudge Cheesecake. It was like eating a hot fudge sundae but with cheesecake instead of ice cream.

I was beyond impressed with West End Cafe and will make it my regular meeting spot for lunch.

Address: 926 W 4th Street | Website: West End Cafe

16. Bossy Beulah’s

chicken sandwich with fries and a drink

Bossy Beulah’s is the perfect place to satisfy a craving for a chicken sandwich. They have their regular sandwich – The Beaut – with pickles and Duke’s mayo on a Copain bun. You can also get it with a slice of cheese or the Hot Thighs Sandwich where it’s drenched in hot sauce.

I love that they use Joyce Farms chicken as that’s a local farm. I had The Beaut and Tyler went with the Hot Thighs. The sandwich was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside so absolutely perfect. I also loved the bun.

Just note that this is on the expensive side for lunch as a combo is $15. One order of fries is more than enough for two people to split.

The space is bright and airy though and they have lots or outdoor seating. Their parking lot is tiny so I recommend trying to get there at off-peak times.

Address: 1500 W 1st Street | Website: Bossy Beulah’s

Map of Places to Eat in Downtown Winston-Salem

Wrap Up: Top Restaurants in Downtown Winston-Salem

Now you know all of the best places to eat in downtown Winston-Salem! From luxury dining to casual gourmet burgers, there is a restaurant for every type of foodie here.

Many of these restaurants are busy at peak times so you may want to make a reservation or try to sneak in just before or after the lunch or dinner rush.

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