After a day full of outdoor adventure, you’ll want to check out these restaurants in Davis, WV for a hearty meal. Or maybe you need a great breakfast or lunch to fuel you through the day.

Either way, these 11 places to eat in Davis will get the job done. Some of them are located just outside of town in the greater Canaan Valley area.

If you’re exploring Canaan Valley State Park or skiing at Timberline – two of the best things to do near Davis – these restaurants will be closer to you. I’ll make a note of that when writing about them.

One thing is for sure – you shouldn’t go hungry when visiting Canaan Valley!

Before visiting any of these restaurants make sure to double check their hours. Many places have odd hours now and some of them aren’t right on Google.

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11 Incredible Restaurants in Davis, WV

Big Belly Deli

The Big Belly Deli is a great lunch option in downtown Davis. They serve delicious sandwiches made with fresh ingredients and unique combinations. You’ll find a few vegetarian options here and a good beer selection.

It’s located on the main road through Davis, right between Trailhead Coffee Shop and Muttley’s. The interior is very cozy and staff makes you feel right at home here.

They also have indoor and outdoor seating, so great for all seasons. Big Belly Deli is open for lunch or an early dinner. You can always pick up dinner to-go as well.

Address: 438 William Avenue, Davis, WV | Website: Big Belly Deli

Milo’s Cafe at Bright Morning Inn

This is one of the best breakfast restaurants in Davis, WV and it really draws a crowd! But with delicious pumpkin pancakes, biscuits & gravy, and breakfast skillets how can you blame anyone?

Don’t sleep on them for lunch or dinner though. The bacon gouda burger is a consistent hit. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy outdoor seating on their patio.

They serve wine and local beer and in the mornings you can get mimosas. Yum. Service is generally pretty quick unless you hit them right at a rush. The restaurant is on the bottom level of Bright Morning Inn on the main road in Davis.

Address: 454 William Avenue, Davis, WV | Website: Milo’s Cafe

Canaan Valley BBQ

If you’re in the mood for pulled pork or smoked meat then don’t miss this stop! It’s one of the restaurants just outside of town and a great place to eat in Canaan Valley.

The restaurant is pretty big inside with a cabin-type vibe and they also have a back deck with seating. When I visited, you ordered at the counter, they gave you a number, and then brought the food out to your table when it was done.

I visited during a slow time, but they still had my food out to me in less than five minutes. I was truly surprised at how fast it was. The pulled pork sandwich was delicious but it doesn’t come with sauce on it.

They have a few beers on tap and a full bar. This is a really casual spot and perfect after a day of hiking or skiing.

It was also much closer to where I was staying at the Laurel River Club Bed & Breakfast which was nice.

Address: 189 Bensland Road, Davis, WV | Website: Canaan Valley BBQ

Sirianni’s Cafe

This is where you’ll find some of the best pizza in Davis! Sirianni’s is an Italian restaurant that serves pizza, hoagies, and pasta.

They’re located toward the end of the main drag in town. Since I haven’t mentioned already, parking can be a little difficult to find in town because there really isn’t much of it on the main street.

Sirianni’s is pretty dark inside, but don’t let that scare you. I loved their BBQ Chicken Pizza. Note that they are cash or check only though! They don’t accept credit cards.

Address: 474 William Avenue, Davis, WV | Website: Sirianni’s Cafe

Hellbenders Burritos

The last time I visited Hellbenders they were still takeout only but holy moly do they make a great burrito! They’ve since reopened for dine-in service and I can’t wait to go back.

The inside is small so there’s limited seating and I recommend coming at off-peak times. You’ll find a great selection of beer on tap here and fun burritos. I got The Admiral and loved it.

The burritos are huge! They also have great chips & queso though. It’s right beside The Ice Cream Shop so you can always stop there for dessert.

Address: 457 William Avenue, Davis, WV | Website: Hellbenders Burritos

White Grass Cafe

If you’re looking for a hearty soup or sandwich, White Grass Cafe is the place to go. They’re also known for their fresh baked goods.

Located at the White Grass Touring Center, this cafe is only open during ski season and offers take-out only service.

If you’re out snowshoeing or cross-country skiing at White Grass then this cafe is not to be missed.

Address: 643 Weiss Knob Ski Road, Davis, WV | Website: White Grass Cafe

Sawmill Restaurant

This old-timey restaurant is know for their homestyle-meals and is a breakfast favorite. It’s located at the Alpine Lodge and they currently serve breakfast and lunch.

Biscuits & gravy, french toast, and breakfast sandwiches are a few fan favorites. The restaurant & lodge is located close to the entrance to Blackwater Falls State Park.

This is definitely one of the best restaurants near Davis and not to be missed if you love good home-cooking.

Address: 850 Sawmill Lane, Davis, WV | Website: Sawmill Restaurant

The Breakfast Nook

The mission of this restaurant is what makes it truly special. They employ young adults who are neuro-diverse and help them through working and interacting with the community.

The building is a bit small but their menu is full of breakfast staples and everyone raves about how delicious the food is. This is another cash only spot.

This is one of the restaurants in Canaan Valley so it’s a bit of a drive from downtown Davis. Well worth it though!

Address: 46 Lochoa Drive, Davis, WV | Website: The Breakfast Nook

Wicked Wilderness Pub

Wicked Wilderness has the best casual pub feel. They serve great local brews from the three breweries in the area but they do have other options to choose from.

They serve great comfort food like chicken pie, spaghetti, and chili. Burgers and pizza are also on the menu. Occasionally they have live music here too.

Definitely one of my favorite casual restaurants in Davis, WV!

Address: 128 5th Street, Davis, WV | Website: Wicked Wilderness Pub

Smokehouse at Blackwater Falls Lodge

The Smokehouse is located in the Main Lodge at Blackwater Falls State Park. It’s one of the more upscale restaurants in the area too. Not super fancy though.

You can sit inside with views out of the floor-to-ceiling windows or sit outside on their patio where you can enjoy the surrounding scenery.

They have a great selection of burgers and sandwiches for lunch and a great variety of entrees for dinner including smoked meats.

Address: 1584 Blackwater Lodge Road, Davis, WV | Website: Smokehouse at Blackwater Falls

Mama Mia Pie & Pasta

Mama Mia Pie & Pasta is a great Italian restaurant near Canaan Valley State Park. They serve pizza and pasta dishes and the restaurant is large with huge windows in the back that offer a nice view of a meadow.

This is a good place for larger groups as the restaurant can pretty easily accommodate. They also have a full bar and pool table. I had a local beer from Stumptown while here.

I also had their baked ziti and it was pretty good. Service was quick and everyone was friendly too.

Address: 5524 Appalachian Hwy, Davis, WV | Website: Mama Mia Pie & Pasta

Bonus Places to Eat in Davis, WV

Stumptown Ales

This is one of my favorite spots in Davis! While not technically a restaurant, they do partner with people to bring food occasionally. You can check their Facebook page to see when they do this.

Their taps rotate a lot as they are a small-batch brewery so you can always find something new. They also serve wine in case someone in your group isn’t a beer drinker.

It gets crowded on weekends so be prepared! Either come stake out your spot early or come by to grab a growler to take back to where you’re staying.

Address: 390 William Avenue, Davis, WV | Website: Stumptown Ales

Trailhead Coffee Shop

For a great cup of coffee, look no further than Trailhead Coffee Shop. They have a wide selection of coffee drinks and smoothies as well as a variety of baked goods. They also sell local kombucha and gift items.

Last time I was in Trailhead, they didn’t have any indoor seating set up. I’m not sure whether they plan on adding any back in or if they already have.

Based on reviews, it looks like they may have some issues with rude employees. I didn’t run into this personally but just wanted to give a word of warning.

If you love great coffee shops then 1820 Coffee House – one of my favorite restaurants in Alvin, TX – needs to be on your bucket list. The Tipsy Bean – an amazing restaurant in Williamsburg, VA should also be on there.

Address: 438 William Avenue Suite #3, Davis, WV | Website: Trailhead Coffee Shop

The Ice Cream Shop

If you love ice cream, then this is a must-visit! They make their own unique flavors like Blueberry Muffin, Mornin’ Sunshine (coffee ice cream with carmel swirl and chocolate slivers), and Yeti Beti (blue raspberry ice cream with chocolate slivers).

In addition to regular ice cream, you can get floats, sundaes, and all kinds of unique concoctions! This is another cash only spot.

Address: 451 William Avenue, Davis, WV | Website: The Ice Cream Shop

Wrap Up: Restaurants in Davis, WV

With so many great restaurants in Davis, WV it’s always hard for me to choose where to go when I visit. I want to go back and try more of these!

Comfort food, Italian, and BBQ seem to be the most popular cuisine and don’t forget the specialty stops for beer, coffee, and ice cream.

If you’re looking for other fun towns with a great food scene then check out these restaurants in Seneca, SC or these restaurants in Bristol, TN.

You can’t go wrong with any of these places to eat in Canaan Valley!

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