I am an absolute course junkie. I have generic courses for blogging and then some for writing, email list building, pitching, Pinterest, social media, SEO, you get the picture.

If you name an educator in the blogging sphere, I will probably tell you I’ve listened to their podcast, youtube channel, or read one of their posts.

And there is no travel blogging course that I would recommend more highly than Travel Blog Prosperity by Jessie Festa.

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Who is Jessie Festa?

Jessie is a solo female traveler, blogging coach, and all around kind human. She runs the two successful blogs Jessie on a Journey and Epicure & Culture.

She started her blogging journey back in 2010 and never looked back (well maybe she did, I don’t know). But now she helps regular people like you and me start their own online business too!

Jessie is based in New York City and is so helpful when it comes to all things travel blogging and business related. I’ve been in her course for one year now and it has been invaluable for me.

Who is Travel Blog Prosperity for?

So before we talk about what all this membership group offers and why it’s the best let’s discuss who actually needs it.

Have you just started your blog and are completely overwhelmed by your to do list?

Do you keep publishing content but you aren’t seeing any growth?

Maybe you have limited time and want to make sure you are working on things that move the needle?

Are you a more advanced blogger but you want to streamline your business and grow your income?

Wondering how you are going to monetize at all?

If any of these sound like you then Travel Blog Prosperity can help. Honestly, the membership aspect with course collections being added monthly mixed with the coaching portion makes this program fit so many different types of bloggers.

Anyone from beginners to advanced bloggers can benefit from this group.

Already hooked? Technically the doors are closed, but if you click the picture above and use my code ‘STUCKONTHEGO’ you can sneak in for only $9 your first month!

What’s Included in This Course?

Now for what you really need to know.

Course Collections – Every month a new course collection is released with a specific topic. 

Courses for beginners include ‘Branding Your Blog for Success’ and ‘Crafting a Successful Social Media Strategy’ while there are also more advanced courses like ‘How to Successfully Launch Your First Retreat.’

The course collections include written material, a video, thought-provoking questions, and workbook that helps you to implement what you learn.

Coaching Calls – There are at least three different coaching calls per month. The first is always a goal-setting workshop where we go over goals specific to that month as well as how they tie into big-picture goals.

The other two are Q&A calls where Jessie will answer any question you may have related to blogging. Occasionally there are also other bloggers on the call who have taught course collections and you can ask them about their topic of expertise.

#LearningLives – These sessions are where members of the TBP Community teach little workshops on something they are knowledgeable about.

It’s been super helpful to see other blogger’s perspectives and processes. 

Private Facebook Group – Our private Facebook group is where you can ask questions throughout the month. Jessie also posts different threads to ask for feedback or share blog wins with each other.

VIP Opportunities Newsletter – The VIP Opportunities Newsletter is sent out every Monday morning and contains different opportunities to make money.

Some are sponsored posts, affiliate partners, paid writing opportunities, and so much more. Honestly, I got one of the gigs from the VIP Opps newsletter that paid for my yearly membership plus some.

Discounts – TBP also comes with a huge list of discounts for blogging resources. These are so helpful when you’re just starting out and need to watch what you spend.

Yes, ALL of this is included in your membership to Travel Blog Prosperity. It is well worth the price!

Why is Travel Blog Prosperity the Best Travel Blogging Course?

There are not many travel blogging courses that can grow with you as you advance in your travel blogging career. Travel Blog Prosperity can.

With new course modules released monthly, there are a variety of topics covered from beginner to advanced and you know more will consistently be added.

You also won’t find this level of support in many other courses. Jessie responds to every Facebook post in her group and is incredibly helpful on the coaching calls.

She believes that there are multiple ways to make a living from blogging and wants to help you figure out the best path for yourself.

Personally, this course has helped me go from 2k monthly sessions to 10k in just under a year and that’s while working on this with a full time job. It’s given me the confidence and tools to be able to leave my full time job to pursue my dream.

I am a huge fan of the program and will definitely be investing again when the time comes to renew.

Is Travel Blog Prosperity for You?

So what do you think? If you are on the fence about joining Travel Blog Prosperity then drop your hesitations in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Right now the doors to Travel Blog Prosperity are closed but I actually have a code to get you backdoor access.

Use the code ‘STUCKONTHEGO’ to get backdoor access to Travel Blog Prosperity for $9 for your first month! After the first month the subscription is $49/month.

But if you’re like me and see how much value is packed into this course then you’ll purchase the yearly subscription for $388 and save $200!

Investing in yourself is one of the quickest ways to grow and scale your business. If you are serious about building your dream life then I can’t recommend this course enough! It’s definitely helped me build my own.

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