Have you ever gone on a trip that was so good you thought you would never forget anything about it?

I’ve been there for sure. Then a year or two later someone who was on the trip would say “Hey, do you remember when such and such happened?”

I’ll sit there with a blank face for a minute and finally say “I don’t remember a thing about that.”

It’s crazy the details or even the big memories that vanish with time. That’s why keeping a travel journal – especially a travel journal with prompts – is so important.

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Why Should You Keep a Travel Journal?

leather bound travel journal
My first travel journal.

Keeping a travel diary means that you always have a fresh record of what you did and things that happened on your trips. Once you return home you’ll have your memories forever!

No matter what you forget about the trip you can always go back and read the things you did, how you felt, and maybe the mishaps that weren’t funny then but you can laugh about now.

It’s a fun way to keep up with travel tips that you can share with friends.

All of your travel memories can be kept in one place and you can look back on them year after year.

I purchased a leather bound travel journal while in Florence during my Ultimate Europe trip with EF Ultimate Break.

I kept a daily record of things that we had done, places we explored, and the food that we ate.

Now, almost five years later, I look back on those entries and am surprised at how much I’ve forgotten.

I’m so glad that I have those memories written down so I can go back and relive those moments.

It’s even better when I look through the journals and photos at the same time. I continued this habit after I returned from Europe and now have entries for Steamboat Springs, Asheville, Snowshoe, and so many more!

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Travel Journal Ideas

Here are a few ideas of what you can keep in a travel journal. If you are super creative then you may want to get just a leather bound journal with blank pages.

If you are like me though, having a travel journal with prompts will help you to get started writing. Sometimes the blank page can be intimidating.

Stickers and Ticket Stubs

If I get a sticker from a local business I always put it in my travel journal next to where I describe my day. Most of the stickers come from the ones they stick on your shirt. I carefully peel them off and save them in the journal.

You can also tape ticket stubs into your journal for any excursions or activities that you went on.

Decorate Your Journal

There are many companies that sell travel-related stickers that you can use to decorate your journal. I love using stickers to decorate my planner.

Washi tape is another cute way to personalize it. Get a sharpie and you can write on the washi tape.

Use photos that you cut out of magazines to put in your travel journal. You can use it as a vision board!


If you are artistic then your journal doesn’t have to be limited to writing!

Draw pictures of the scenery that you visited, the food you ate, or the people you met if they are okay with it.

Then instead of a photograph, you’ve got a depiction of the place through your eyes and the details that you noticed.


Not artistic? It’s fine, me either. I would never try to draw in my journal – all you would see are stick figures and 2D homes.

Instead print out some of your photos and tape them to a few of the pages. The photos will help bring your stories to life.

Mundane Details

Don’t forget to keep track of the mundane details. What was the weather like? What were you wearing?

What car were you driving? Who were you with? What meals did you eat?

Travel Writing Prompts

Here are some prompts that you can use when traveling to get you started. These will come in handy if you do have a blank journal:

  • What was your favorite memory from today?
  • What excursions did you go on?
  • Did you meet any locals?
  • I felt…when we saw/did…
  • Next time I would like to…
  • It surprised me that…

The Best Travel Journal With Prompts

If you are planning some adventures around the USA then I’ve created a USA travel journal with prompts for you!

This journal is for people who love visiting big cities, small towns, as well as getting out in nature in our National and State Parks.

There are five different sections: City Stays, Small Towns, Road Trips, National Parks, and State Parks.

In each section you’ll have prompts to record information specific to that trip. Information like dates, weather, special memories, and foodie stops.

There is also a place for additional notes and photo pages so you can glue or tape your photos in there.

Outside of those sections there is also a place for your USA Bucket List where you can write in all the places you dream of going.

You’ll also have a state checklist where you can keep track of the states you’ve visited and a “Favorites” section where you keep track of your favorite places.

This journal will help you keep track of all your travels within the US and has a place for everything you might want to write about and keep in a journal.

travel journal with prompts and state checklist
The travel journal that I designed!

Saving Travel Memories With Your Travel Journal

Having a travel journal means that your memories are safe and you can revisit them whenever you would like.

Don’t be caught without one and let all those special moments slip away with time.

This is an amazing keepsake or travel souvenir that you can treasure for years to come.

The USA travel journal is designed to help you keep track of the important moments as well as small details about all the new places that you visit.

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  1. Awesome idea! I love to write about my travels (not only blogwise, but also to keep all my memories alive) and keep memorable things from it! Good work!

  2. Love the travel journal! I keep one too although mine is boring, mostly written stuff, drawings only if I had a bit too much alcohol. I wish some destinations gave out little stickers for visitors to take and decorate their luggage, journal, car etc… effective advertising, probably, too. In Japan,some attractions and temples have stamps you can stamp in your collection book/diary/pieces of paper which I always found really charming

    1. Oh I love the stamp idea! I always pick up free stickers when I’m out and about. Seems like most people are charging for them these days though. My personal travel journal is pretty boring as well. 😛 I can’t draw so I just write down what we did.

  3. Thanks for this post. I have always wanted to create a travel journal and even bought all the things I believe are essential. I even carry the notebook with me… this post encouraged me to start.

  4. I have kept a travel journal but sporadically. You are inspiring me to start a new journal for my trip to Florida next week. I use my photos to remember what I did but it is a gamble that you can remember everything.

  5. I love this so much! Love the idea of a travel journal to preserve the memories and greatly appreciate the writing prompts.

  6. What a great idea! Also, how have I not thought to put my stickers from travel into a journal – they’re just in a pile in my drawer!

    1. I never knew what to do with stickers until I came across this idea. I love keeping them in my journal!

  7. I kept a travel journal & a corresponding photo journal for my honeymoon, and I am so glad I did! There are little details that I may have otherwise forgotten that I am so glad I have documented. The travel journal is such a useful tool. Great idea! 🙂

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