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USA Packing List Bundle

Theresa is the creator of Fueled By Wanderlust.  Although she did not start traveling until her mid-twenties due to some pesky student loan debt, with careful budgeting, she was able to pay that off and start planning trips.  Since then, she has traveled more and more each year to destinations in the U.S., Europe, and the Caribbean.  Her passions include beach hopping in the US Virgin Islands and studying French.  You can follow along with Theresa’s adventures on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.

Road Trip Checklist

Monica is the founder of This Rare Earth. She has traveled across six continents solo and loves exploring everything from the American Southwest to the Middle East. This Rare Earth is the perfect place for solo travelers, desert wanderers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers. Come join the tribe! You can follow along on Monica’s adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

How to Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights

Anna is a travel blogger and photographer who helps people plan efficient itineraries focused on outdoor adventure and food & drink. She is based in North Carolina and does most of her traveling in the southern US. You can usually find her out on a trail, in a kayak, or searching for the best meal in town. You can follow along with Anna’s adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Pre-Flight Checklist

Being prepared is in Kylie’s blood. With a degree in hospitality & tourism management, she started her professional career in event planning and eventually transitioned to travel planning. Today, Kylie is the owner of travel blog and travel agency, Drift Destinations. You can follow along with Kylie’s adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

10 Best Tips for Visiting America’s National Parks in 2022

Eden is a Southern California based travel blogger and writer behind the blog Rock a Little Travel. She creates ambitious itineraries for busy people hoping to make the most of their vacation days. You can follow along with Eden’s adventures on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

How to Find Free Accommodations While Traveling the US

Elaina is the writer and travel planner behind Mind Over Matter Travel, a platform to help make your adventures possible and purposeful. She is an expert in budget travel in Europe and the United States. Elaina has spent the past year traveling the U.S. by finding free accommodations to sustain her full-time travels. You can follow along with Elaina’s adventures on Instagram.