Down old dirt roads beside acres of farmland you’ll find some of the best wine in the Yadkin Valley at the Swan Creek Vineyards. The Swan Creek AVA is a division of the Yadkin Valley AVA and is separate because of its unique microclimate.

These wineries make some of the best dry red wines that will ever touch your lips.

Comprising seven different wineries – each one has friendly staff and an atmosphere that makes you wish you could stay all day. Here’s what makes each one special and I hope you’ll visit them soon.

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Windsor Run Cellars

  • Address: 6531 Windsor Rd, Hamptonville, NC 27020
  • Food: Cheese & crackers
  • Lodging: No
  • Dog-friendly? Yes

The tasting room at Windsor Run is in an adorable little cabin with a massive distillery behind it. They make fortified wine using their own liquor so you better be careful here. In addition to wine, fortified wine, and liquor (as if that wasn’t enough) they also make mead!

There are so many options here that it may be hard for you to choose. I chose to do a wine flight of four wines for $12. They have a few other tasting options but due to COVID these may change.

In addition to the wine, they also sell cute little gifts – all wine related of course. Windsor Run gets very busy on the weekends so bring your patience with you. The staff is incredibly friendly though.

Pro tip: If you want to buy their liquor, purchases must be made down at the distillery instead of the tasting room. Don’t want you to wait in a long line only to be told you’re in the wrong spot.

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Dobbins Creek Vineyards

  • Address: 4430 Vineyard View Ln, Hamptonville, NC 27020
  • Food: Packaged snacks
  • Lodging: No
  • Dog-friendly? Yes

I visited this winery for the first time a couple weeks ago and holy cow it was a wonderful surprise. Not only was their wine some of my favorite in the Yadkin Valley, the bartender was friendly and knowledgeable and their view over the mountains was incredible!

Driving out to the tasting room you may feel like you’re headed the wrong direction. You’ll drive down a gravel road back into the woods past multiple homes before you see the tasting room up on the hill.

They have an expansive back deck that invites you to sit and enjoy a glass and their tasting room is open and gorgeous on the inside!

The tasting here was $12 and included each of their wines – I believe there were 12 total. I felt like each one was better than the last.

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Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery

  • Address: 450 Groce Rd, Ronda, NC 28670
  • Food: Deli case & Food Trucks
  • Lodging: No
  • Dog-friendly? No

Raffaldini is one of the most popular wineries in the Swan Creek and Yadkin Valley AVAs so you may have heard of it. This traditional Italian villa sits on a hill with beautifully landscaped grounds.

Fun fact: Raffaldini has a Certified Wildlife Habitaton site that provides precious resources needed by birds, butterflies, and frogs.

A walk around the property warrants a visit in itself and you definitely won’t be disappointed with the wines. The Raffaldini family has strong roots in Italy so their wine is made in the Italian style. They even use an ancient Italian method called Appassimento. You can read more about that on their website.

Tastings are $12 and include all the wines that are available for purchase at the time of your visit.

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Piccione Vineyards

  • Address: 2364 Cedar Forest Rd, Ronda, NC 28670
  • Food: Small snacks
  • Lodging: No
  • Dog-friendly? Yes – outside

The view at Piccione is a reason to visit alone. This winery sits up on the hill just above Raffaldini and has beautiful views of the Brushy Mountains. The sunsets here are gorgeous.

Their wines are also produced in an Italian style and you won’t find a bad wine on the list in my opinion. However, I wouldn’t recommend going here if you’re a sweet wine drinker.

Their wine is top-notch, the views are incredible, and they have a very friendly staff that makes you feel welcome whether it’s your first or fifteenth time there.

This is by far one of the best wineries near Elkin, NC!

girl holding a wine glass at one of the Swan Creek wineries

Currently, you can buy flights of four different wines for $18. They have events regularly like a girl scout cookie pairing and red wine hot chocolate so be sure to follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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Shadow Springs Vineyard

  • Address: 5543 Crater Rd, Hamptonville, NC 27020
  • Food: No
  • Lodging: No
  • Dog-friendly? Yes

This tasting room sits just above a small pond and is the perfect way to spend a hot day. Their margarita and strawberry wine will cool you right off. You can even mix them to make a strawberry margarita.

They also sell little gifts in their tasting room so you can browse while you enjoy your wine. They offer a few different options for tastings. You can do 6 wines for $10 or try all 21 of their wines for $30. Of course, I had to try all of them.

lake in front of rows of grape vines

They really have something for everyone here and the best part is their bottles are reasonably priced. Be sure to take some home with you!

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Midnight Magdalena Vineyards

  • Address: 5109 Howell School Rd, Jonesville, NC 28642
  • Food: No
  • Lodging: No
  • Dog-friendly? Yes – outside

The tasting room is in an adorable blue house where they have a semi-circular bar and plenty of indoor seating.

Their tastings are $10 each and you’ll learn a lot about their wines. They have a large deck that you can enjoy as well as a concrete patio where you and your friends can hang out for a while.

Like many of the Swan Creek Vineyards, they also have a beautiful view of the mountains from their deck. Everyone that visits raves about the friendly bartenders and comfortable atmosphere.

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Laurel Gray Vineyards

  • Address: 5726 Old U.S. 421, Hamptonville, NC 27020
  • Food: Deli snacks
  • Lodging: No
  • Dog-friendly? Yes – outside
rows of grape vines at a vineyard

You’ll find a little oasis at Laurel Gray. The tasting room makes it feel like you’re at a friend’s house sipping wine and there are tons of options for outdoor seating. Outside you’re surrounded by beautiful gardens and you’ll have a view of their pond as well.

Their covered patio is inviting and they even have a TV outside to enjoy. They also offer winery tours twice a day for $15/person. Inside their tasting room you’ll find cute little gifts for sale plus their own sauces for cooking.

At $26 for a flight, this is the most expensive winery in the Swan Creek area and they are not doing tastings due to COVID. Everyone that visits complements their well-balanced wines and well-kept grounds.

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Have you been to any of these Swan Creek wineries?

Swan Creek wineries are a group of 7 wineries that are all within 15 minutes of each other. These are some of the best wineries in North Carolina. #ncwineries #winetravel #northcarolinawine

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