With a city full of scientists and engineers, it should be no surprise that there are some great breweries in Huntsville, AL.

Before I visited Tuscaloosa, I spent four days in Huntsville for the Southern Travelers Explore Conference.

During the conference, I was able to go on the craft beer tour which took me to four Huntsville breweries and I visited two on my own before the conference began.

As with all my brewery experiences (like the Johnson City breweries or breweries of Winston-Salem) I liked each one for various reasons.

Read on to find out which one is the best for you and my beer picks for each!

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Map of Breweries in Huntsville, AL

10 Breweries in Huntsville, AL

Straight to Ale

cheeseburger and fries on platter

Straight to Ale is the largest brewery in Huntsville and they distribute their beers to a few locations throughout the southeast. They also distill their own liquor and just opened a winery, 3rd Circle Cellars.

They are located in Campus 805 which is a renovated middle school facility – their brewery is located in the old gymnasium and the wooden gym floors were used for the tables and bar in their restaurant.

Speaking of, they have a delicious full-service restaurant – Ale’s Kitchen – where you can get burgers, tacos, pizza, and more.

Their beers have won numerous awards and in 2019 they were named Best Brewer in the State by RateBeer.

My pick: Path Finder – This is the one I had and it was good but I do wish I could have tried a few others.

Address: 2610 Clinton Ave | Website: Straight to Ale

Yellowhammer Brewing

beer held in hand at one of the best breweries in Huntsville, AL

When you talk to one of the owners of Yellowhammer, you’ll quickly realize that their mission is to support the community of Huntsville.

Their taproom is also located in the Campus 805 compound and they share a space with Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza so this is another one of the Huntsville breweries with food.

On nice days, there’s a large outdoor area where you can take your beer and enjoy the weather. Play frisbee, sit on the picnic tables, or bring a blanket.

Fun fact: the Yellowhammer is Alabama’s state bird. Oh and they also produce their own liquor.

My pick: T-Minus – This is their most popular beer and the one we were able to try. I loved it but I wish I could have tried more here too!

Address: 2600 Clinton Ave West | Website: Yellowhammer Brewing

Innerspace Brewing

beer flight in front of Innerspace Brewing sign

If you are into space at all then this is the place for you! The building is totally space-themed and they had Star Trek playing while I was there.

Innerspace is smaller than the previous two I mentioned but they have been quickly growing. The owner, Stewart, is as nice as he could be too.

They have a projector that’s used for meetings – there was a club meeting going on while I was there – and plenty of bar seating, some tables, and a couch.

You can also sit outside at a few tables when the weather is nice. It’s close to Straight to Ale and Yellowhammer along Clinton Avenue.

They make wood-fired pizza in house so come hungry!

My pick: Campfire in the Sky (s’mores porter) or Blueberry Milkshake (fruit ale)

Address: 2414 Clinton Ave West | Website: Innerspace Brewing

Salty Nut Brewery

Salty Nut is right beside Innerspace but I didn’t want to drive after having two tastings!

They are owned by Straight to Ale though so you can expect good quality beer. Think more small-batch brews with unique flavors.

You’ll find a beer garden in the back with lots of tables, a music stage, and open area to bring your own picnic blanket or whatnot.

Local’s Pick: HopNaughty (IPA – most popular on Untappd)

Address: 2404 Clinton Ave | Website: Salty Nut Brewery

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Green Bus Brewing

I am SO sad that I didn’t make it to Green Bus! This is supposed to be one of the best breweries in downtown Huntsville and a local favorite.

It gets crowded quick on the weekends but if the inside is full then they have some additional seating outside along the sidewalk.

You can also get beers in a purple cup here and take them to-go while you explore downtown. This is allowed in their arts and entertainment districts.

The building has a lot of character as it’s 150 years old. The brick walls make for a cozy setting!

Local’s pick: Varies – The beer here is small batch so it’s always changing!

Address: 206 Eustis Ave Southeast | Website: Green Bus Brewing

Chandlers Ford Brewing

mug of beer on counter with taps in the background

Okay, Chandlers Ford Brewing is located in a communal business space called BeeZr! I believe technically it’s called a restaurant and social exchange.

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen is all I know.

In BeeZr you’ll find Chandlers Ford Brewing, Northside Coffee, Champagne Taco Kitchen, and Hippea Camper.

When you come in there will be a sign telling you to seat yourself or wait on the hostess. Once you take a seat, the waitresses take your drink and food order.

This is the way it works for everything except the coffee I believe which you order at the very end of the bar.

They serve staple beers as well as small batch options. Just a note – they don’t do flights here.

My pick: Single Hop German Lager – They didn’t do flights so this was the only one I got to try. Turns out it’s also the most popular on Untappd!

Address: 109 North Side Square | Website: Chandlers Ford Brewing

Mad Malts Brewing

Mad Malts Brewing is a small brewery in Huntsville, Alabama that’s known for their consistent, quality beer and unique flavors.

They have a good variety of beers but offer more porters and stouts. Their current location has a fun outdoor space but if you’re a solo female traveler you may not want to go here after dark.

The atmosphere at Mad Malts is really cool and it’s another local’s spot. Parking is a bit tricky – make sure to check their website for the locations that you are allowed to park.

Local’s pick: Vanilla Porter or Raspberry Blonde

Address: 109 Maple Avenue Northwest | Website: Mad Malts Brewing

Fractal Brewing Project 

beer on counter in front of sign at brewery in Huntsville, Alabama

This was a fun one. The word fractal is a mathematical term describing an object that has a repeating pattern in it – think snowflake or lightning.

Fractal Brewing is in a fun location with lots of indoor space and some outdoor seating as well.

They offer beer, cider, mead, AND craft root beer brewed in-house.

Oh and the head brewer is a veteran – support veteran-owned companies!!

My pick: Fractal Cantor Set Hefeweizen – If the mead is on tap though, it was delicious and I highly recommend that.

Address: 3200 Leeman Ferry Road Southwest | Website: Fractal Brewing

Rocket Republic Brewing

Rocket Republic Brewing started out in Madison just 20 minutes outside of Huntsville but recently opened a new location in downtown Huntsville.

The Madison location is in a large, enclosed metal carport building with plenty of room inside. The downtown location is much smaller on the inside but they have an outdoor patio that you can enjoy.

They won five gold medals at the Alabama Craft Beer State Championship and they always have a great selection on tap to choose from.

Local’s pick: MachOne IPA or AstroNut Brown Ale

Address: 617 Meridian Street | Website: Rocket Republic Brewing

Old Black Bear Brewing

glass of beer with all the beer names on the side

This is the only one that doesn’t have a location in Huntsville but it’s located just down the road in Madison.

It’s a full-service sit-down restaurant – I don’t know about you, but I always love snacks with my beer. They also distill their own liquor.

The inside of the brewery feels like a hunting cabin and makes you want to kick back and have a couple.

Their food menu has bar food like burgers, gourmet sandwiches, and tacos, but you can also get things like salmon and fried catfish. Yum.

My pick: Cave City Lager – This is their flagship beer and I highly recommend it.

Address: 212 Main Street, Madison, AL | Website: Old Black Bear Brewing

Huntsville Breweries With Food

As you can see there are a number of breweries in Huntsville that serve food. Straight to Ale has a full-service restaurant called Ale’s Kitchen.

Old Black Bear Brewing in Madison also serves food. Innerspace Brewing has its own pizza oven so you can get wood-fired pizza here.

Yellowhammer shares a building with Earth & Stone Pizza and you can easily walk between the two.

Finally, Chandlers Ford Brewing is in the BeeZr complex and there are two restaurants that share the space.

Huntsville Craft Beer Trail

With so many breweries in town, it’s no surprise that Downtown Huntsville has created its own Huntsville Craft Beer Trail.

Stops include most of the breweries I’ve mentioned – Chandlers Ford, Green Bus, Innerspace, Mad Malts, Rocket Republic (downtown), Salty Nut, Yellowhammer, and Straight to Ale.

You can pick up a card for the breweries and one for bottle shops at the Huntsville Visitors Center and when you get all your stamps you get a free gift!

Make sure you have a designated driver or take an Uber or Lyft if you plan on doing the trail!

Wrap Up: Breweries in Huntsville, Alabama

I hope you found a few new breweries in Huntsville, Alabama to try on your next visit!

Whether you are looking to have some fun with friends on a Friday night or want to find something new and different during your trip to Huntsville, these breweries are the perfect stop.

Make a few stops on the Craft Beer Trail and then let me know which ones are your favorite.

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