What do you buy for the woman who is not a typical girly-girl? She would rather spend her time tromping through the woods than walking city streets any day.

These gifts for outdoorsy women are for exactly that type. Or maybe you’re the one who loves the outdoors and you need to buy yourself something special.

Either way, you know it’s always hard to find the perfect gift. You want it to be thoughtful and practical, something that they’ll get plenty of use out of.

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m pretty outdoorsy myself – hence all the hiking, whitewater rafting, and camping content.

So everything on this list I either use myself or REALLY want as a gift. (Thanks fam)

I hope that this will give you some great ideas for the woman who loves the outdoors in your life!

Oh – and I’m assuming here that these women also like to travel. So you’ll find a few generic travel items too.

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Ultimate List of Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

Stocking Stuffers (Under $25)

Darn Tough Socks

I used to think that socks didn’t make a bit of difference, but I am here to tell you that they absolutely do.

These Darn Tough hiking socks are durable but lightweight enough that my feet don’t get too awful sweaty. Yes, they still sweat – my hiking boots are waterproof.

If you have high top hiking boots then these socks (pictured above) look good with shorts. Meaning they don’t come up too high.

I love wearing these to hike, ski, and especially when I’m camping. Plus they have a lifetime warranty. So pick your favorite design cause those socks will be with you for a while.

Hair Ties

You can never have too many hair ties. I have bags of them stuffed around everywhere. Sometimes I’m even surprised at where I find them.

With long, frizzy hair though, I do not like to be outside in hot weather without a way to pull my hair back.

Bonus – these hair ties don’t pull your hair when you take them out!

Portable Charging Bank

Many people go camping to completely disconnect. I totally understand that. I myself don’t really use my cell phone when I’m camping and don’t always have a signal.

However, I do want to know that it’s charged in case of an emergency. I also like keeping my watch, headphones, and other gadgets charged.

It’s the day and age that we live in.

So I never go camping without my portable charging bank. I got one for Christmas a while back and it has come in handy so many times.

I carry mine around in my pocketbook now just in case.

LED Camping Lantern (with USB plugin)

lantern in tree

Who has arrived at camp after dark and had to set up by the light of a lantern or your headlights? I know we sure have.

On Friday nights if we leave out after work I can almost guarantee you that we will arrive after dark. That’s where these bad boys come in.

You can put these small lanterns in your cup holder and plug them into your car’s USB ports. They’ll charge on the way to your destination and once you get there voila! Let there be light.

String Lights

These string lights can set a magical mood for a campsite. Honestly it’s crazy what some different lighting can do.

These are powered by plugging them up to a small USB power bank so it’s easy-peasy.

It makes a campsite super cute and welcoming. You can string them up in the trees or a tailgate tent if you have one.

I’ve also seen people put them up in their car if they are car camping.

Camping Mugs

I LOVE the photos of cute coffee mugs that people take camping with them. The ones where they are holding the mug out in front of a beautiful view.

There are so many different mugs that you can find and they’ll just make you happy when you’re having your morning cup of joe.

If your girl is more practical then go for the Hydro Flask Mug or this nifty backpacker mug.

Lip Care

Spending so much time outside, it’s so easy for your lips to get chapped. They’ll get chapped in the colder weather and sunburned in the warmer weather.

That’s why it’s so important to have good lip care products. Burt’s Bees is one of my favorites but if you need one with sunscreen then check out Sun Bum.

These are the perfect gifts for outdoorsy women.

Hiking or Travel Journal

Ever since my Ultimate Europe trip with EF Ultimate Break I’ve kept a travel journal. It is a leatherbound journal with a depiction of Florence on the leather and blank pages.

I’m surprised at the details that I’ve forgotten on past travels and am so glad that I wrote them down. People also make hiking journals now to keep all the details of the hikes you go on.

Mobile Photo Lens Kit

It’s awesome when you can capture that perfect photo of the sunrise over the mountains. Or maybe a beautiful waterfall photograph.

With a mobile photography kit you can up your phone photography game without buying an expensive camera!

These kits offer multiple different lens options and are easy to put on and take off of your phone.

Hand Warmers

For the cold weather explorers, these are the perfect gift. Many women also have trouble with keeping their extremities warm in cold weather. I know I always run cold.

With hand warmers you can keep your fingers nice and toasty no matter the outside temperature. They even have foot warmers!

These are the perfect stocking stuffers for hikers!

National Parks Map

Hang this map up on your wall for inspiration on the next National Park you’ll visit. Many of the National Parks are dream destinations for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Beautiful views, great hiking, and camping opportunities, and so many more outdoor activities. What’s not to love?

This National Parks map is a great home decor gift as it will spark joy each time they see it.


Who doesn’t love snacks? I don’t know of a woman who doesn’t get hangry sometimes. Literally feed me and there’s a 90% chance that I’ll stay happy.

That’s why I love getting snacks as gifts – especially snacks that I can take hiking or camping with me.

These are typically carb heavy and packaged individually. They are perfect when you need an energy boost – or when I need a break on a long hike.

My personal favorites are Fig Bars, CLIF Bars, and trail mix – they are some of the best hiking snacks in my opinion.

Scented Boot Fresheners

No shame, my feet STANK. As in, back when I played softball I wasn’t allowed to take my cleats off when I got back home until I showered.

So I would gladly accept these deodorizer balls as a gift. Just want to throw that out there in case you are worried about offending someone and their stinky feet.

These work perfectly for your hiking boots. Mine are waterproof so they aren’t very breathable and my feet sweat.

Another solution for this is to put some baking soda in your shoes but I don’t recommend giving baking soda as a gift… just saying.

Fleece Headbands

These headbands serve so many purposes. They can be a cute accessory and hold your hair back – especially when you use dry shampoo instead of washing your hair.

When it’s cold outside though these warm headbands will cover your ears and keep them from getting too cold!

When it starts getting cold outside my ears absolutely freeze. These are perfect for someone who needs winter hiking clothes!

Magazine Subscription

There are so many magazine subscriptions that you can buy that are focused on the outdoors.

There’s Outside Magazine where you’ll find everything outdoor/adventure related. Backpacker Magazine for those who love long hikes and backpacking trips.

Magazines specific to a certain area are great too. I subscribe to Our State Magazine (North Carolina) and get so many great ideas for things to do around my state.

Mountain Necklace

Need a gift for a girl who loves the mountains? Give her this simple but cute mountain necklace.

It’s something she can wear everyday that reminds her of hiking among the mountain peaks instead of sitting at work.

Insulated Wine Glasses

I use my insulated wine glasses all the time at home but they are perfect for camping too. Especially if you are car camping and the weight/bulk doesn’t matter.

After a long day out in the woods it’s nice to come back to camp and have a glass of wine. Make sure you check the rules at each campground though!

These are also perfect for tailgates whether it’s for football or a NASCAR race.

Cute Buff

Did you know that they make cute Buffs? There are so many ways that you can use a Buff and they are actually pretty useful.

I just never liked the colors or patterns that I had seen other people wear. Then I found out that they make super cute ones like these!

Backcountry Wipes

You could not give a more practical gift. These wipes are perfect to keep up your hygiene while in the backcountry.

A major deterrent for women to backpacking is hygiene I think – since you can’t shower – but with things like these wipes you can still stay clean!

Gifts for Friends ($25 – $50)


woman in front of pillars

When you are outside in the sun all the time there is nothing better than a cute hat. There are so many options for this one that I won’t be able to name them all.

For the beach-goer give her the floppy sun hat. For the mountain lady, a dark felt hat will be adorable.

And then you can’t go wrong with a regular ball cap.

Osprey Water Reservoir

It is so important to keep more than enough water with you while you are out adventuring. While water bottles are great, they are also bulky.

Many backpacks have a space inside the pack for a water reservoir which makes these super convenient.

There are all different sizes so just make sure you get the right size for your pack.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

I love that you can clip the tops of these water bottles onto your pack. Then you have the option to carry them in the side pocket or clip them on if you need those pockets for something else.

These bottles will also help keep your water cool on hot days. I love a cool drink of water when it’s hot outside!

She’s Birdie

Safety is many people’s number one concern when going out especially if you are a solo female.

She’s Birdie is trying to change that. This little device changes on your keychain or off your backpack and when activated the 130db (that’s loud) alarm sounds and the strobe light flashes.

They come in 8 cute colors and are designed by women, for women to deter an attacker. If your woman ever solo hikes then this is the perfect gift.

If you use the link above, you can also enter the code ANNACOOK10 for 10% off your purchase!

Petzl Headlamp

You can never have too many light sources in my opinion. This Petzl Headlamp is compact, lightweight and perfect for when you have to leave your tent for the bathhouse at night.

Super helpful if you are setting up camp in the dark too. Or another use – if you go on a sunrise or sunset hike these will help you see the trail.

Outdoor Focused Books

stacked books gifts for outdoorsy women

I love being active outside but I also really love enjoying a good book while swinging in my hammock. Especially if it’s a book that has an outdoors focus.

A few popular outdoorsy books are Into the Wild, A Walk in the Woods, Wild, and Hatchet. Some of my favorites that are about National and State Parks are by National Geographic.

If you love murder mysteries then check out the Joe Pickett series by C.J. Box. These are set in Wyoming and I’m telling you it makes me want to go there so bad.

Tote Bag

Perfect for hauling around a change of clothes or some extra shoes, this tote bag is durable and cute. I have tons of totes because they are so handy.

My tote from L.L. Bean (which I highly recommend) is what I use for going to the beach, carrying my camera gear on weekend trips, and extra clothes for day trips.

I also have totes for my dry cleaning, weekend trips, and even for pet supplies. You can’t have too many.

Coffee Percolator

I have to have my coffee in the mornings. Doesn’t matter if I’m at home or in the woods – there better be coffee.

Percolators are perfect for a car camping woman because they can make a large amount of coffee relatively quickly.

Plus they are easy to use!

Waterproof Daypack Cover

It’s the worst when you are caught out in the rain and worried if your camera might get wet in your backpack. Poor planning, I know.

A waterproof pack cover can be a lifesaver though. It gives you peace of mind in case a storm pops up even when the radar was clear. Make sure you get the right size!

Sea-to-Summit Compression Dry Bag

Is your woman a rafter or kayaker? Maybe paddle boarder? Dry bags are a must!

I love this compression dry bag since it packs up smaller if you don’t fill it up all the way. This means it will stay out of the way when you don’t need it!

We bring these on all of our rafting trips and they can be a little expensive to buy. A great gift if you ask me.

Pocket Knife

Women need pocket knives too. I can’t tell you how many times mine has come in handy.

I think people don’t realize how many ways you can use a knife until you have one and then you’re whipping it out all the time.

I’ve used mine to cut strings, open packages, and even spread chicken salad.

Quick Dry Towel

These towels are pretty handy when you’re in the backcountry and find a river or lake to take a dip in.

They are compact so they won’t take up much room in your pack and they are actually pretty absorbent.

I especially love this towel by Nomadix that has the National Parks map on it.

Landmark Project Graphic Tee

These T-shirts are the best. They’re soft and I love the graphic designs. The designs are outdoor focused and many of them are for the different National Parks.

It’s the perfect shirt to wear while you’re out running errands or when you’re on the trail.

10% of their proceeds from the Smokey the Bear line go to Smokey the Bear’s Wildfire Prevention Education fund.

Each month they collaborate with an artist to sell a fine art print and 100% of the proceeds go to the National Parks Conservation Association.

Camp Slippers

At the end of a long day all you want to do is take off your hiking shoes. During warm weather it isn’t so much of a problem if you have another pair of flip-flops.

In cold weather that’s a different story. Having a pair of camp slippers is an absolute game-changer.

You can slip these on and they’ll keep your feet warm and the sole is heavy-duty enough to withstand walking outside. 

That means no more pulling on your boots when you have to leave your tent for the bathroom!

More Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

Something for Your Outdoorsy BFF ($50 – $100)

GorillaPod Tripod Kit

tripod with camera

For the one who loves getting the perfect photo of themselves with a gorgeous backdrop, this tripod is perfect.

It’s easy to set up, simple to attach your camera, and the legs wrap around all kinds of objects. You can use it as a regular tripod where it stands up on all three legs or wrap it around something.

I’ve wrapped mine around fence posts, small trees, and the backs of chairs. The sky’s the limit with this one though. It’s how I’ve gotten many of my solo photos for the blog!

Osprey Daypack

I stand behind Osprey 100%. I’ve had the Osprey Farpoint 40 now for over four years and it’s well worth it. You wouldn’t really want to buy a pack for backpacking as a gift though. They need to choose that themselves.

A daypack on the other hand is a perfect gift. I have friends who use the Osprey Daylite and absolutely love it. This is the perfect thing to take for a day out hiking or any other adventure activity really.

There are two mesh side pockets for water bottles as well as a place for a water reservoir or laptop. It’s lightweight and comfortable so perfect for a quick trip.

Base Layers

Base layers are something that really shouldn’t be skimped on. They are one of the most important pieces that you can buy if you are dealing with cold weather.

They also make great sleepwear for when it’s cold. They can be a little expensive so a midweight top or bottom layer is a great way to help someone with their cold-weather gear.

Rumpl Blanket

Okay I have been wanting one of these blankets forever. The designs are beautiful and they even have some National Park inspired designs.

Their bestseller is the Original Puffy Blanket that is called an Everywhere blanket. You can take it inside, outside, wherever you want.

The fabric is durable but oh-so warm and it’s made from 100% recycled materials. You need one.

RTIC Soft Cooler

I don’t know what I did before I had this cooler. I have the RTIC 20 can soft-sided cooler and oh my goodness I use it all the time.

It’s not difficult for me to carry around like most coolers and it fits in the floorboard of my backseat and even between the captain’s chairs. Please excuse the dirty car.

It can keep things cold all day and holds ice for at least two days. Honestly, it’s a powerhouse and for the price you absolutely cannot beat it.

JBL Waterproof Speaker

So we have the JBL Charge 4 (pictured above) and use it when we are outside doing yard work.

While the Charge is wonderful, I don’t like taking it places because there is no good place to put it, especially since the side panels are sensitive to touch. I don’t want to break it.

In comes the Clip 4 portable speaker. Just hang it from its built-in carabiner on your backpack or another strap and there you go. Take your music with you.

Sand Cloud Towel

Have a friend that loves packing up and heading to the beach? A Sand Cloud towel is the perfect gift for them! These towels pack up small and are lightweight but spread out with enough room for a couple people.

Best yet – they won’t hold sand on them like regular towels. I don’t know about you, but I hate sand. They dry quickly too!

If that’s not enough – 10% of their profits go to marine conservation.

Outdoor Sandals

There are so many outdoor sandals to choose from. I’ve already compared Chacos vs. Birkenstocks and Chacos vs. Tevas to help you decide between those.

I’ll go ahead and say for outdoor sandals my favorite is the Chaco sandals. I recommend these as they are durable, comfortable, and dry quickly.

Shoes can be a tough gift but if you really know the person and are pretty sure of what they want then I would go for it.

ENO Hammock

The best hikes are the ones where you make it to your destination and hang your hammock up for a few hours.

Take a picnic lunch and maybe one of those outdoorsy books and you’re set for the afternoon. You’ll need to buy the straps with the ENO also and I love my Atlas straps.

These are so easy to set up and only take a few minutes. I take mine anytime we go camping and it’s one of the first things I like to set up at the campsite.

Vuori Ripstop Pants

Is your outdoorsy woman just a little boujee? I am for sure, I won’t deny it.

These pants are super soft, moisture-wicking, and quick drying. Perfect for any adventure or just lounging. On cool fall or spring days you will love these.

Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The dutch oven is the powerhouse of the outdoor kitchen. You can cook whole meals in the dutch oven, desserts, or just simple sides.

If your adventuring woman is in need of some new kitchenware then a dutch oven is the way to go.

You can even use it at home! We use ours all the time.

Fleece Lined Jeans

I am always cold in the winter. Always. Then I was given a pair of fleece-lined jeans and wondered why it took me so long to get some.

These are perfect for the cool days that you are outside but maybe not very active. The fleece lining really does a great job at keeping you warm!

Gifts for Family or a Significant Other (Over $100)

JetBoil Stove System

Whether you are car camping or backpacking, a JetBoil system is pretty handy. You can boil 16 fl. oz. of water in 100 seconds and the average boil time for a liter is 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

The water can then be used to make coffee, freeze-dried meals, oatmeal, you name it. If you are trying to lighten the load then this is the perfect gift.

WeatherTech Window Shades

Did you know that WeatherTech makes window shades that are cut to fit the exact make and model of your vehicle?

They offer just the windshield shade or a full package that includes side windows plus the windshield.

These are great for when you sleep in your vehicle. They are two sided and one side keeps the car cool when it’s hot out and the other side keeps heat in when it’s cold out.

Smart Watch

I got my Apple Watch as a Christmas gift one year and had no idea how much I would come to rely on this thing.

When you wear it on a hike it measures distance covered, calories burned, heart rate, elevation climbed, and more.

The newer versions also have a setting where it will automatically send an SOS if it senses that you’ve fallen.

Of course, there are Apple and Android versions depending on which phone your lady has.

Outdoor Subscription Box

Honestly, I think this is one of the coolest ones. Though it can get pretty expensive depending on the length of subscription.

With Nomadik you’ll receive 3-7 full size outdoor gear pieces that are tailored to your interests. The monthly boxes are $29.99 and have a guaranteed value of $50!

Cairn is another option that can include apparel, gear, food, skincare, or emergency items. All are full sized and they have multiple subscription options.

Finally, Wild Woman is an outdoor subscription box focused specifically on women!

Hiking Boots

girl hiking with dog

Before I had my boots I thought, “Hiking boots are way too expensive and can’t make that big of a difference. I’ll just keep wearing my tennis shoes.”

Now, I can’t get enough of my Merrell Moab II Mid Waterproof boots. I would sleep in them if it wouldn’t get my sheets so dirty.

These boots really are waterproof (I was astounded the first time I walked through a stream) and they provide so much support for not only your feet but your ankles.

The biggest difference is when you are walking over uneven terrain and especially rocky terrain or places with lots of roots.

Helinox Sunset Chair

These chairs do not look like they would be comfortable at all. I dare you to sit in one. Tyler and I both have our own Sunset Chair and they are wonderful.

They pack up much smaller than a regular tailgate chair and are only about 3 pounds. We love taking our Sunset Chair car camping.

Helinox also has smaller versions called the Chair Zero and the Chair One. If your woman only car camps then the Sunset Chair is perfect. If they backpack then take a look at the smaller ones.

GoPro Camera

GoPro cameras allow you to capture so much footage that you wouldn’t normally be able to. They are perfect for driving cars, ATVs, or motorcycles and anything underwater.

With so many ways to strap them down you can video your white water adventures and I recently took mine into Universal Studios.

I like the GoPro because it’s easy to use and relatively easy to figure out. I watched one tutorial video on it and have been taking decent videos ever since.

They also have an app so it’s easy to download/upload my videos.

Garmin inReach Mini

This one is definitely a splurge but if your wife/girlfriend or daughter solo hikes a lot then the peace of mind is probably worth it.

The inReach Mini is a satellite communicator that allows you to track and share your location with family online.

If you have the satellite subscription then you can send texts while out of range and you can trigger an SOS signal to the 24/7 search and rescue station.

Satellite subscriptions start at $11.95/month on an annual plan and $14.95/month for monthly plans. In case of emergency, that is a very small price to pay.

Oh and if you happen to be planning your first solo camping trip, here are all my tips for solo female camping.

Summary: Gifts for Women Who Love the Outdoors

There you have it! Over 50 different gifts for outdoorsy women. I hope you found at least one gift that will work for your woman. Or maybe yourself – I’m not judging.

Personally, I love giving a gift when I know the other person will use it and enjoy it for a long time. Any of these items will do the trick.

Do you have any other go-to gifts for the outdoor lovers among us?

Pin it for later!

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