Falling is the only guarantee as a beginner snowboarder so learning how to fall snowboarding is SO important. When you get out there the slopes can be pretty intimidating with all those people whizzing by so just start small and work your way up.

Being able to fall safely is super important so you prevent common injuries like wrist sprains or fractures and head injuries.

If you’re wondering “Is snowboarding hard?” then the answer is yes. But there are definitely things you can do to make it easier!

This guide will walk you through tips for falling on a snowboard as well as bad habits to avoid while out on the slopes.

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Falling on a Snowboard Video

Tips for How to Fall Snowboarding

Here are a few generic tips on how to fall when snowboarding especially for beginners. Falling is never fun but hopefully these make it a bit easier!


You may feel like it looks stupid but muscle memory works. If you practice falling a few times when you aren’t moving or going slow then it’ll be less jarring when you actually fall.

An easy area to practice is on the bunny hill, any relatively flat area, or one with a small slope. You don’t want to be going fast when you practice.

How to Fall Forward When Snowboarding

Falling forward is probably the worst. After my first day snowboarding, my knees felt like they might explode they hurt so bad from the falls.

When you fall forward – tuck your elbows in toward your ribs, with your arms pulled in, and hands up close to your face, almost like a boxer when he’s on defense protecting his body. Let your forearms and legs take the brunt of the impact.

Get as low as you can but I know this is hard when you accidentally catch an edge. Whatever you do, don’t extend your arms out and try to catch yourself with your hands. That’s how wrists get broken.

How to Fall Backward When Snowboarding

You have a little more cushion when falling backward but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. I also know people who have broken their tailbone snowboarding so you want to be wary of that. The other thing to be conscious of is concussions from hitting the back of your head.

When falling backward the main thing is to crouch as low as you can before falling onto your butt and then your back. Hopefully you are wearing a helmet but still try to keep your chin tucked in.

Don’t reach your hands out behind you to try and catch yourself as that’s how hands and arms are injured as well.

Stay Loose

This is something I am so not good at – I’m typically rigid as a board. One of the reasons I have lots of experience falling I guess LOL.

This will help you be able to quickly get low when you feel yourself starting to fall though. If you’re rigid and lock out your legs then you’ll be tall when you fall which means a harder hit.

Start Small & Work Your Way Up

If you’re a beginner then stick to the bunny hill until you can make it down that without falling. Once you’ve accomplished that then you can move up to some of the green slopes.

You want to start slow so your falls don’t happen at fast speeds. Going to fast and not knowing how to stop or control yourself is what leads to collisions with objects, other people, or bad falls.

Just a note on learning – I found that as a beginner when I focused on traversing the slopes and then turning, I crashed a lot less. Don’t try to carve and do lots of turns when you’re just learning the basics.

And of course, terrain parks are dangerous especially for beginners so I would not recommend hitting jumps or pipes unless you know you’re ready for that.


Does it look cool? Nope. But so many head injuries could be prevented if everyone would wear a helmet.

I know this isn’t really a tip on how to fall but it definitely helps with preventing injuries if you do fall when snowboarding. It astounds me how many people don’t wear one.

In general, make sure you know what to wear snowboarding and you’ll want to make sure you get good snowboarding pants. It’s terrible if those aren’t waterproof.

Avoiding Snowboarding Injuries

Like I’ve already mentioned, the most common injuries when snowboarding are to the wrist because people try to catch themselves when they fall. Tuck your arms and elbows in close to your body when you go down to avoid this.

Head injuries are another common injury and helmets can significantly decrease the likelihood of a serious head injury.

Finally, knees and tailbones can take a beating too. While not as common as the other two, they do happen. The best ways to prevent these are learning how to fall properly when snowboarding and avoiding collisions.

Bad Snowboarding Habits

Here are a few bad snowboarding habits that can contribute to falling on the slopes. These are easy fixes!

Stopping in a Blind Spot

This isn’t as much to prevent you from falling when riding, but more to prevent you falling from someone else running into you.

For all that’s good and holy, don’t stop in the middle of the slope right after you’ve crested a hill and gone down a bit. No one can see you.

You also don’t want to stop right after a sharp turn where someone may turn the corner and not be able to steer clear of you in time.

Basically, stay aware of your surroundings and make sure you don’t stop in a place where it would be difficult for someone to maneuver around you.

Riding Way Outside Your Skill Level

Mentioning this again because it really is the root of so many problems. I understand that challenging yourself is the only way to get better but you can’t go from the green slopes straight to black diamonds.

When you get on steeper terrain than you can handle, you typically wind up going way too fast and it’s easier to get out of control. You’re much more likely to get hurt when you fall at high rates of speed.

Work your way up to more difficult trails as you’re comfortable with it.

Riding While Intoxicated

While it’s fine to have a couple of beers while you’re out snowboarding for the day, you can’t go out and get drunk and then get back on the slopes.

This is dangerous not only for yourself but for other people as well because you can get careless and run into them.

Not Taking a Lesson

This is one of my biggest tips for beginner snowboarders. Taking a lesson is so valuable!

I am a huge proponent of taking lessons whether it’s your first time snowboarding or your 50th. You’ll learn the proper technique for snowboarding off the bat and some people will even teach you how to fall anyways.

Lessons can be expensive but this is why I recommend starting off at a smaller resort so everything will be cheaper. Many places also offer a beginner package that includes a restricted lift ticket, rentals, and a lesson at a discounted rate.

Make sure to look for great ski resorts for beginners in the US.

Wrap Up: How to Fall Snowboarding

So there you have it – my tips on how to fall snowboarding! I hope this helps when you get out there this winter.

Just remember to take things slow and work your way up as you get more comfortable. I can’t recommend taking a lesson enough. And please wear a helmet.

Have fun learning to snowboard!

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