When people think of wineries in North Carolina they don’t typically think of wineries near Boone, NC.

Most people either know about wineries of the Yadkin Valley or the sweet muscadine wines that come from down east.

There are some lively wineries here though with wines that have won all kinds of awards from international to the North Carolina State Fair awards.

Each one has a great atmosphere too and I love just hanging out at any one of them. I hope you can visit them and see for yourself!

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Map of Wineries Near Boone, NC

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High Country Wine Trail

The High Country Wine Trail consists of five different wineries and a vineyard around Boone. It goes as far south as Linville, east to West Jefferson, and west to Watauga Lake just over the NC/TN border.

These wineries are tucked away in the countryside and offer intimate atmospheres to enjoy some incredible wine.

The ones closest to Boone are actually contained in a smaller trail called the Boone Area Wine Trail. These are Grandfather Winery, Linville Falls Winery, and Banner Elk Winery.

The farthest of these from Boone is Linville Falls Winery and it’s only 45 minutes away with a bonus of a beautiful, scenic drive.

There are three others on the trail – one of which is Thistle Meadow Winery which is in Laurel Springs, just east of West Jefferson.

The other is in the opposite direction from Boone and is at Watauga Lake, just past the Tennessee border. This is where Watauga Lake Winery and Villa Nove Vineyards are located.

Thistle Meadow is known for their friendliness and welcoming attitude. They have plenty of award-winning dry reds, whites, blush, and sweet wines to try.

Villa Nove is a gorgeous wedding venue and vineyard that will make you think you’re in Tuscany instead of Tennessee. Watauga Lake Winery is the winery associated with this vineyard.

Watauga Lake Winery is located in an old brick building that was a schoolhouse in a previous life. They have a great variety of reds, whites, fruit, and dessert wines.

Grandfather Vineyard & Winery

As soon as you pull up to the Grandfather Vineyard you’ll start to feel more relaxed and comfortable. Who doesn’t when you’re in the Blue Ridge Mountains though?

The tasting room is located right by the Watauga River and has seating by the river as well as on the other side of the tasting room.

There are plenty of options for seating and lots of different areas that make it feel like your group has a private space.

There are some seating areas right by the tasting room, some up on a plateau, and some by the river at varying levels. Each one offers a great view. There are tents and plenty of trees that provide shade.

The tasting room is a large log cabin with beautiful landscaping surrounding the building. Currently you cannot enter the tasting room though other than to use the restroom.

They update their website often – weekly I believe – so that you know what the current policies are and exactly what they are offering.

They do offer small bites through the week as well as locally made goodies like BoonePies. You can also bring in your own food for a picnic.

They typically have live music Thursday – Sunday and a food truck Friday – Sunday. This place gets VERY crowded on weekends though so if you can visit during the week I recommend that.

There is only one restroom inside the tasting room but they also have port-a-johns outside the winery.

Grandfather Vineyard is the closest one to Blowing Rock so be sure to check out this cute little town while you’re here!

My pick for here would be the Fusion (dry red). Get a flight and see which you like though!

Banner Elk Winery & Villa

I visited Banner Elk Winery once a few years back and recently returned on a Tuesday afternoon in August.

The place was packed. We soon figured out why after a tasting here.

Almost all of their wines were delicious. The only one I wasn’t a fan of was the Chardonnay and I never like Chardonnay anyways. With so many award winning wines I’m not surprised.

They also mix their own sangria during the summer months and they had three different kinds when I was there.

Y’all. So freaking good.

They also offer flights and wine by the glass or bottle of course and you can take those outside to enjoy the grounds.

They have seating outside at picnic tables near the tasting room as well as down by the pond. The staff is super friendly and will offer recommendations for the area if you need any.

metal building with fire pit and seating in front

The tasting room is warm and inviting which is especially nice when the temperatures drop. It doesn’t’ get too hot here in the High Country anyways though.

There is a large fireplace on one side of the room and wooden accents everywhere. You’ll find comfortable seating inside if you do a flights or glass.

You can also stay on-site at one of their Villas if you want to make a trip out of it! Each suite is uniquely decorated and named for one of the wines.

This has really turned out to be one of my favorite wineries in North Carolina.

You’ll likely pass Sugar Mountain on the way and Beech Mountain is nearby so stop and explore those if you have some time.

My pick here would be the Banner Elk Red.

Linville Falls Winery

Tasting Room and barn at the bottom of a hill

Another fantastic option for a wine day. Linville Falls Winery is named for the nearby waterfall of the same name.

I love coming out here to hike and then making a visit to the winery. No one even looks at you funny in your hiking clothes.

This is another one that reminds me of the Italian countryside. Green rolling hills, a tasting room with Tuscan-style architecture, and friendly people.

The inside of the tasting room features towering ceilings and large chandeliers. There is a large three-sided bar at the center where people would pack in pre-COVID times.

They have a good mix of red and white wines as well as fruit wines to try. Their blueberry is to die for and I love their slushies in the summer.

Service here has changed a bit since COVID as they are offering table service instead of just bar service now. Their website is updated daily though so you can find out what’s happening.

There is live music and food trucks here on most weekends and it’s another one that gets pretty crowded. They sell snack items but you can also bring outside food.

They even have a Choose-N-Cut Christmas Tree Farm! This only runs from late November to early December though.

The Best Wineries Near Boone, NC

North Carolina wineries are some of the best in the country in my opinion. They each offer something special and there is such a great variety of wines available.

These wineries near Boone can all three be easily visited in a day but make sure that you have a driver with you. The drives between all three are gorgeous.

I recommend starting with Grandfather Vineyard or Banner Elk Winery then heading to Linville Falls Winery. Finish off with whichever you didn’t go to first.

There are so many things to do in Boone and the surrounding area but visiting these wineries is one of my favorites. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I do love good wine.

A few other things to check out here are Linville Caverns, Grandfather Mountain, hiking Linville Falls, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Oh, and eat at Banner Elk Cafe!! Great food and good prices – two of my favorite things.

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